Running for Hospice – Medicus WRX Style

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Hear ye, hear ye!

All right no one really says that anymore, every since “newsies” went the way of Atari (bad example, because Atari would still be fun to play). This Medicus WRX aficionado has been asked, and subsequently agreed to, run to support hospice care in the great state of Wisconsin. A friend and business associate of mine, Melanie Ramey, is the Exectutive Director¬†of The HOPE of Wisconsin, a non-profit that governs/raises awareness/lobbies for the good of hospice organizations around…well…Wisconsin as you might have guessed.

One of their Board Members is a man named Andy Hand, a hospice Director in Fond du Lac, WI. Andy is an avid mountaineer and over the years has been climbing various peaks around the world, working up toward the famed Mt. Everest. In honor of this achievement, Melanie had the idea to ask runners and running groups if they could do some fundraising over the winter time while they continue their training.

Andy is climbing approximately 30,000 vertical feet, so we lopped off a few zeros and are setting a goal of running 300mi between Nov 1 – May 31st and raising $300, or a dollar a mile.

If you have any interest in a) running with me either physically or holding each-other accountable¬†over the Interwebs or b) donating a small amount (see crowdfunding), I would be eternally grateful. Maybe you could donate 10 cents a mile, or make a one-time $5 donation…anything would be great. There are always wonderful causes out there that we are asked to donate to…a lot…but if this is a cause that resonates with you, please let me know and we can chat.

More to come and thanks!

Evan Wing – apparently a runner